Kelltrac Shelby GT500 Coilover Drag Race Suspension Package

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This package includes everything you need to delete the Magneride on your Shelby GT500 and set it up for serious drag racing.

Included in the kit:

BMR SP089 Lowering Springs (Minimum Drop), Pair
S550 KellTrac XTR Spec Viking Crusader Coilover Kit, PAIR
Viking Crusader Shocks with Kelltrac Valving
8 Sensor Delete Plug Ins 

KellTrac Spec XTR Viking Crusader Coilover Kit for S550 Mustangs

XTR Series:
-Crusader: For cars that are PRIMARILY raced with "limited" street use. Meant for Racecars to Weekend Warriors.
-Berserker: For cars that are PRIMARILY street driven but racing is life. Meant for cars driven on 20+ mile commutes and driven multiple days weekly.

This Viking Crusader based XTR-COMP coilover kit features KellTrac spec'd spring rates, shock shaft travel, compression and rebound valving specific for STREET, STRIP, PREP and NO PREP racing S550 IRS applications.

*We recommend KellTrac Brand Caster Camber plates to complete the installation of this kit.

*IMPORTANT:  Due to our unique strut design, UPR Products Caster Camber plates are NOT designed properly for use with these specific XTR Series Coilovers*

Viking Shocks

The KellTrac Ultra spec Viking Crusader shocks are physically similar to and built upon the legendary Viking Double Adjustable Crusader shocks but have our very specific valving to handle a wider range of applications. In addition to our spec valving, we use a spherical bearing lower axle mount to ensure the shock can react sooner upon launch. When pairing our specs with the bearing lower mount, there is no other double adjustable shock for the S550 Mustang that has been proven to perform better!

This shock is recommended for those who simply want the best shock and tech support available. This shock is NOT for the car show crowd nor for the person who jumps and panics at every little creak and squeak the vehicle makes. The lower bearings on these shocks can add some NVH that may not be acceptable to some.

Delete Sensors

Magnetic Ride + Height Sensor - Electronic Shock Simulators.  Each kit comes with four connectors (2x shock and 2x height), which is enough to do either the front or back suspension.  Please purchase two (2) kits for a complete vehicle.


Industrial 3D printed housing
Automotive grade thermally conductive epoxy
Integrated heat sink
2-pin OEM style connector for easy installation

2016+ Mustang GT
Shelby GT350
Shelby GT500
SDE magnetic shock simulator kits utilize simple plug-n-play technology allow you to to install any aftermarket shocks on vehicles originally equipped with Ford MagneRide suspension.

NOTE: This kit is perfect for vehicles with aftermarket shocks or if owner wants to remove factory ride height sensor.  

Lowering Springs

There is nothing like the aggressive look of a car with the right stance! Over time, stock springs sag, get rusty, and simply wear out. BMR Suspension believes the right springs go beyond looks—your S550 needs to perform, too! All BMR springs are manufactured from chrome silicon high-tensile spring wire, and are cold wound on a CNC coiling machine. The CNC coiling head can adjust the spring diameter in real time to ensure that every spring is exactly the same. This guarantees that your right spring matches your left spring. Every BMR spring is compressed solid at the factory, not once, but twice. This gives the spring its permanent set, and guarantees no sag. BMR springs are stress-relieved at 750 degrees F, ensuring most stresses induced during the winding process are eliminated. All springs are then shot-peened to eliminate residual surface stresses. Many spring manufacturers skip this step, but BMR insists on this operation as part of our spring manufacturing process. Every spring is computer tested as the last step—every spring, not just a sample from each batch. Each spring is loaded in the spring tester at the factory, then compressed and the CNC load cell measures the force for a variety of spring lengths. This allows BMR to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against spring sag.

Blending aesthetics and performance, BMR has designed the SP089 for the street performance crowd who want to use their cars in a variety of application. These springs will lower the front of your S550 (minimum drop), and feature a fine-tuned spring rate to give you great handling and a smooth ride. The linear spring rate offers plenty of support, keeping the body flat and level in the corners, while remaining soft enough for a comfortable ride on any road. When performance and looks are a must, rely on BMR Suspension!

BMR Suspension’s SP089 lowering springs are available in red powdercoat for long-lasting good looks. Installation time is about 1 hour. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

This package includes everything you need to delete the Magneride on your Shelby GT500 and set it up for serious drag racing.Included in the kit:BMR SP089 Lowering Springs (Minimum Drop), PairS550 Kel

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