2021+ F-150

Which Device Do I Need?

Palm Beach Dyno supports both the SCT X4 and HP Tuners RTD devices. Both options offer a unique user experience but rest assured regardless of which device you use, you will receive the same great tune for your F150. The decision on what device to use is often dependent on how you will use the device so below is a quick comparison between both options highlighting how they differ.


  1. Works with unmodified factory computer
  2. Requires special harness (included) and reflashing happens under the hood
  3. All in one device. No additional hardware needed

HP Tuners RTD

  1. Requires removal of factory computer and shipment to HP Tuners to be unlocked
  2. No special harness required and reflashing happens through the OBD port under the steering wheel like most other vehicles
  3. Requires cellphone with TDN App (Free) or Laptop
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