860-910 Wheel HP on 93 Octane

1100-1200 Wheel HP on E85

The Palm Beach Dyno CX1300R is the ULTIMATE Supercharged Turn-Key Package Available for the Shelby GT500. Building on the superior cooling of the massive 3.8L Whipple Supercharger, every component of this kit is chosen with a purpose. With the extensive R&D we have been able to do on the GT500 platform, we can provide a trouble-free upgrade experience. Let PBD handle every details and pick up a well tested, proven package.

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Whipple 3.8L Supercharger
Kooks 2" LT Headers
Fore 3 Pump Fuel System
PBD Heat Exchanger
Injector Dynamics 1700
SPE Thermostat
Oil Separator
PBD Custom Dyno Tune

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The Palm Beach Dyno CX1300R package is a serialized build, which means it receives our promise that your vehicle will perform as promised. When PBD can handle every aspect of the build, we can also stand behind it. Each CX1300R vehicle recieves a custom engraved radiator bracket with your serial number and build date.


The CX1300R Serialized Package is only available as an in-house build but if you would like to purchase all of the parts that make up a CX1300R to build your own, click here