Palm Beach Dyno offers the select packages below with a unique serial numbers. These vehicles receive a custom engraved radiator bracket with the serial number and date signifying an official PBD serialized build.




The CX1100R was our first and still most popular serialized Shelby GT500 build. For the Shelby purest, this is the ideal maximum horsepower package retaining the factory blower and stock 'appearing' engine bay. We just made it even more beautiful with our billet lid and other fine touches. Click Here for more infomation



The CX1300R is the next step for those hugry for more than the factory supercharger can deliver. The Whipple 3.8L Supercharger also features superior cooling for those using their cars under the most extreme conditions.  Click Here for more infomation



The CX1300TT takes a much different path, replacing the supercharger with twin turbos. A great match for the DCT transmission, with turbochargers as the power adder, precise power control is possible for a very flexible, high powered setup. Click Here for more information



Palm Beach Dyno also offers three great non-serialized packages grouped under the name X900S. Many serialzed cars have started out as an X900S builds with the CX1100R being the perfect path as an upgrade to a serialized car. Click Here for more information