2018+ Mustang

2018+ Mustang

Palm Beach Dyno Tuning offers two main options for tuning:  Naturally Aspirated and Remote Tuning. Naturally Aspirated tuning is suitable for vehicles without forced induction, while Remote Tuning is suitable for all forced induction vehicles. To order, simply select the appropriate tuning bundle below, and all available options will be displayed on the ordering page. Each tuning bundle starts with the necessary tuning file and all available options listed on the product page. There's no need to provide detailed information during checkout. After purchase, you'll receive our detailed terms of service and a vehicle information form to complete.

The available options include:

Choose from HP Tuners RTD or SCT X4 devices (Note: not all devices are available for all supported vehicles, so check the specific vehicle page for support). If you already have a device you want to use, leave this option blank. Otherwise, select the device you would like to purchase.

Premium Support
All tuning purchases come with upgraded premium support options. This yearly subscription provides unmatched tuning support and other member benefits. For more information on our premium support options, click here.

Additional Octane
If you need a second tune for a secondary octane fuel, select this option. For example, if you want to purchase a 93 octane tune and an E85 tune.

Tuning Level (Naturally Aspirated Tuning Only)
Our Naturally Aspirated Tuning is available at variable pricing based on the modification level of your vehicle. Please select the appropriate level for your vehicle. Each naturally aspirated tuning product page has a detailed list of the tuning levels and how to decide which level you need to purchase.

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