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Cortex Rear Vertical Links, 2020 Ford GT500 Mustang

Your Price: $349.00
Part Number: VL-50-1000-GT500
Availability: Back Order.
CorteX Racing new rear vertical link kit for Ford Mustang GT500
Upgrading this component reduces the deflection of the vertical link connection point providing more wheel clearance so that 18 inch wheels and drag tires can be used.
Quicker power transfer through the suspension to the tires
Equally beneficial for road race for crisper power transfer to the tires
Consistent and predictable handling
Made from billet 6061-T6 anodized aluminum and stainless steel spacers

Improve Performance
18 inch rear wheels can now be installed on the rear of any 2020 Ford GT500 Mustang. These rear vertical links are essential for any dedicated track car and the best part, NVH increase is minimal so we use them on our street cars as well!

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