Inflation Relief Program

Palm Beach Dyno Inflation Relief Program

Horsepower is essential to healthy living for most people, and at PBD we are here to help. As your dollar buys less with inflation, we are making an extra effort to offer packages that are more affordable than anyone on the planet. These are not your typical power adder packages; they all include Palm Beach Dyno Remote Tuning services. Many customers buy their power adder packages without knowing all the details, and tuning is probably the biggest detail you need to consider. Don't waste money on a kit from others that just includes the base tune from the power adder manufacturer. Most that go that route end up contacting us later for a custom tune and wind up paying twice. Do it right AND save money with a PBD tuned package. These packages are tailored with everything included that is needed to get you running, but not a lot of extras are added to help keep costs lower. Over time you can upgrade to improve on your setup, but you can enjoy a TON of horsepower right now!

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