In-Person Dyno Tuning

In-Person Dyno Tuning

What is Dyno Tuning?

A Dyno or Dynamometer is a piece of equipment used to measure the power output to the wheels on your vehicle. The car is trapped down to the dyno drum and various sensors are hooked up for monitoring purposes. Typically Wide Open Throttle (WOT) pulls are done to measure power output while datalogging what the computer is doing at the same time. This information is then used to edit the tune on the vehicle until it is running properly and power output is as expected.

Although Remote Tuning has been a great advancement in late model tuning, the Palm Beach Dyno Dynojet 224x is a critical piece of equipment that has a huge impact on all of our tuning, not just the car sitting on the dyno at the time. This is where the magic happens! Our successful remote tuning customers benefit from the amount of R&D we do on the dyno with local customers and people who decide to make the trip. Our dyno room is setup more like a lab, with a full suite of data logging equipment that allows us to be very critical of the tuning in a controlled environment. 

 Dyno Tuning Rates




 All Power Adder Vehicles


 2 hours


 Advanced NA (aftermarket intake, cams)


 2 hours

 Dyno Tuning per Hour(1)



 Restrap Fee(2)



 Fuel Swap Fee(3)


(1) If you exceed the included time for your Dyno Tuning Session it will be billed at this rate for additional time in hal hour increments. If you return for follow up tuning at a later date, you will be billed hourly at this rate.
(3) This fee applies if you want Palm Beach Dyno to swap the fuel in the car during the dyno appointment for any reason
(2) If your car has to be removed from the dyno for reasons outside the control of Palm Beach Dyno, you will be subject to a restrapping fee. Example: Car has mechanical issue and you have to return at a later date to finish your appointment

While it's usually best to drop the car off at our facility so we have the proper time to not only dyno it, but also take it out for some road tuning, that is not always possible for customers that are traveling. For those customers, we have a very comfortable air conditioned waiting room with a Television, live video feed from the dyno room and dyno gauges and horsepower readout. 

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