1. Explorer ST Upgraded Intercooler by Whipple Superchargers

Explorer ST Upgraded Intercooler by Whipple Superchargers

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This intercooler is JUST WHAT THE ST NEEDED!!! Many have seen Brian Updyke's Explorer ST rocket to a low 12 at over 112 mph, but there was one glaring issue with the setup: HEAT. The factory intercooler is probably passable for a stock vehicle, but once you start adding boost, it's a huge limiting factor. In 0-60 testing, we saw 160 degree temperatures at about 80 degree ambient temps with the factory cooler at higher boost. With the new Whipple Intercooler, temps dropped down into the 110 degree range! This is a no-brainer and must-have upgrade for anyone interested in squeezing more out of their Explorer ST.

We are currently just accepting names for a waiting list due to high demand. The first 50 intercoolers should be available in 30-60 days. GET IN LINE NOW!
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