nGauge Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Your HP Tuners nGauge is designed to allow Palm Beach Dyno to build you custom tunes based upon your unique factory file that you pull off of your car’s computer. It does not contain any “canned” tunes, as it is a fully custom tuning device.

Before we can begin to write your custom tune file, you must complete a “read” of your factory program.

It is extremely important that you start by reading your STOCK FACTORY program. Before you begin, remove any custom tuning that is currently on the vehicle and set it back to the stock tune.

Plug your nGauge into the OBD2 port of the vehicle with the lights, radio, and A/C off (and the doors closed). It is recommended to hook up a battery charger to your vehicle but not required. Use the menu on the screen to select TUNING, then proceed to select the PCM type and choose READ VEHICLE.

The read must be uninterrupted and may take up to 15 minutes. The key must remain on the entire time. Please do not subject your vehicle to any “voltage spikes” while reading or tuning. This includes rolling down windows, turning on the air or radio, or opening the door.

After your vehicle has been successfully read, turn the key off, wait 10 seconds and then start the vehicle. Disconnect the nGauge from the OBD2 port. Remove the micro SD card from the nGauge, insert the micro SD into the adapter, and plug the adapter into your computer. The stock file will be located on the STOCK FILES folder on the SD card and will be named StockFile.stk. Email your stock file to:

Optional: (USB cord not included) If you have a USB cord that fits the nGauge, you can plug your USB cord into the front of the nGauge and into your computer. This step eliminates having to take out the micro SD card from the nGauge. In the nGauge options, go to Diagnosis > USB SD. By selecting USB SD it will automatically put the StockFile.stk onto your computer. Email your stock file to:

Palm Beach Dyno will use this stock file to build your custom tune file. Once complete, we will email your new custom tune to you. Custom tune files will end with an .enc file extension. Example: 93OctaneTune.enc, RaceTune.enc, etc.

Simply drag and drop your custom tune file into the CUSTOM FILES folder on the nGauge. You can then install your tune directly from the nGauge and swap as needed.

Please note: The following support process is for the HP Tuners nGauge only!

Technical issues are rare, but they do happen, and most of them are resolved with a simple firmware update via email.

If you have any concerns or issues, please email

Include your name and order number. This will help us quickly find your information, so we can provide fast and easy technical support.

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