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Premium Plus Advanced Remote Tuning (Platinum) Support

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Premium Plus Advanced Remote Tuning
Premium Plus support is a 12 month subscription that includes free tuning updates and unmatched support both on the phone and while you are at the track. This is the perfect choice for the most competitive people out there who are constantly changing things up in search of even the slightest improvement in ET or an extra few MPH at a speed event. Premium Plus Support includes extended phone support 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm Eastern Time. It also includes 7 Remote Trackside Support Sessions. Not only can the Remote Trackside Support Sessions be used to dial in the car initially, they can also be used for a specific event like a drag race or half mile event. Even the most dialed in car needs to be fine tuned for any particular surface. If this is the level of support you are after, then Premium Plus Advanced Remote Tuning is for you.  This product is only to purchase the support plan or renew. Tuning fees are charged seperately. 


Free Tuning Support for 12 Months

12 months free email and phone tuning support. Tuning support applies to the originally tuned combination. This is used for safety checks and fine tuning during street logging and at the track at any time during an active subscription

Unlimited Free Tuning Updates 

Tuning updates are used when we release new tuning features you would like your tune updated for. Tuning updates are also used if you make a change to your modifications that requires a new tuning file update outside of typical fine tuning.

Phone Support 

Tuning phone support Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Eastern

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Special Parts Pricing Available to all Premium Support Members

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