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With over 20 years in the high performance industry, the number one issue we see when a vehicle is not running properly is fuel system maintenance. When your fuel filter gets dirty, you can change it. But how often are you cleaning your injectors? Palm Beach Motorsport recommends yearly maintenance for all high-performance applications. To place your order first select the number of injectors and check out through our online store. Then package up your injectors along with a printout of your order or a piece of paper included with your order number. Once we receive your injectors they will be immediately processed and return shipping is included. If we find any issues with your injectors we will contact you with recommended solutions.

Palm Beach Motorsport Injector Service Includes:

  • Injectors are externally cleaned, visually inspected
  • Injectors are tested for resistance, inductance, shorts, and current draw
  • Leak, spray pattern, and flow rate tests are performed and recorded
  • A three-step ultrasonic cleaning process in three separate ultrasonic tanks
  • A high pressure back-flush is performed to remove any remaining particles
  • Leak, spray pattern, and flow rate tests are re-performed and recorded
  • New filter baskets, O-rings, and pintle caps are installed if applicable
  • The injectors are placed in sealed plastic bags
  • A comprehensive test report is prepared and returned with the injectors
  • Your injectors are shipped back to you ready to be installed in your vehicle


How we test your injectors and what is included in our reports

Don't confuse our service with a simple cleaning service. What is even more valuable is our testing service which is included in all cleaning services. We will provide a report that will not only tell you what your injectors before and after testing at full duty cycle but we also provide the following:

  • Serialization and tracking of your injectors over time
    Idle testing and flow report
  • Part throttle testing and flow report
  • Comparison of your results vs the manufacturers specifications
  • Comparison of your results vs all other PBM customers with the same injector

    This additional information allows you to track the performance of your injectors over time. Do your injectors still flow the same as they did 3 years ago? How do your injectors flow as compared to how they SHOULD flow? These are details that are not available from a typical cleaning service.

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