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2020 Shelby GT500 Billet Tensioner by Whipple

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Part Number: WHIP-2020TEN
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The Whipple Billet Tensioner is a MUST HAVE for your 2020 Shelby GT500. With more travel, it allows a better fitting belt for more consistent performance...especially when upgrading the supercharger pulley!

- Billet Body
- Billet Arm
- Billet 3” Idler Pulley 
- Dual Bearing Pulley
- 2.50” pulley available for OD crank pulleys 

The Whipple Billet Tensioner features 50 Degrees of travel vs the 32 Degrees you get from the stock part for increased belt tension during belt stretch and less pulley slip during heavy load. 

Works with stock belt, but a Gates K080680 allows optimal tension when using stock pulleys. Smaller SC pulleys require shorter belt.

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