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Xona Rotor X2C XR7064S

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CNC-Machined Billet Stainless Steel Center Housing

The workhorse of every Xona Rotor turbocharger is a fully-machined, high-strength 17-4PH stainless steel center housing with a true 360-degree water jacket. By fully surrounding the turbine seal ring land area with coolant, this center housing enhances durability by preventing piston ring collapse at high temperatures.

Dual Piston Rings

Most performance turbochargers today use a single piston ring for sealing the shaft at each end. By contrast, Xona Rotor turbochargers employ twin rings at both the compressor and turbine ends, dramatically reducing oil leakage and gas intrusion. Spreading the sealing load across two rings also slashes wear rates and extends seal life.

Integrated Oil Filter and Modular Oil Drain

Built into the oil inlet cavity of Xona Rotor center housings is a large-volume “last ditch” oil filter element. This feature protects the bearing system from oil contaminants, ensuring long bearing life. On the oil discharge side of the center housing is a modular oil drain surface with provision for a variety of bolt spacing configurations.

Dual-Row Ball Bearing Cartridge

 With silicon nitride ceramic balls, M62 tool steel races and metallic cages, Xona Rotor's dual-row ball bearing cartridge ensures robustness to the most extreme operating conditions. This exclusive bearing system was engineered in cooperation with one of Germany's most prestigious manufacturers of high-precision rolling-element bearings.

Modular Compressor Housing

Several compressor housings with different inlet and outlet dimensions allows packaging flexibility to suit the most demanding installations.

Next-Generation UHF Turbine

Xona Rotor's all-new, proprietary UHF (Ultra High Flow) turbine wheel is already resetting the bar for turbocharger performance. UHF's splitter-blade design allows it flow like a larger-diameter wheel without the associated inertia penalty. The result is superior boost response and less power-robbing backpressure. 


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