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S550 Viking Crusader Shocks, KellTrac "Ultra" Spec, PAIR

Your Price: $699.99
Part Number: KTI-KT358U
Availability: In Stock.
The KellTrac Ultra spec Viking Crusader shocks are physically similar to and built upon the legendary Viking Double Adjustable Crusader shocks but have our very specific valving to handle a wider range of applications. In addition to our spec valving, we use a spherical bearing lower axle mount to ensure the shock can react sooner upon launch. When pairing our specs with the bearing lower mount, there is no other double adjustable shock for the S550 Mustang that has been proven to perform better!

This shock is recommended for those who simply want the best shock and tech support available. This shock is NOT for the car show crowd nor for the person who jumps and panics at every little creak and squeak the vehicle makes. The lower bearings on these shocks can add some NVH that may not be acceptable to some.

KellTrac Ultra Spec Viking Shocks are the most powerful and best performing double adjustable shock offerings available; FACT.

NOTE: For optimal shock performance we highly recommend aftermarket upper shock mounts

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