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Matrix Custom Operating System Upgrade

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What is Matrix Custom OS?
Matrix Custom OS is a game changer! Thanks to the folks at PCMTEC Australia, we can now customize the factory operating system on your vehicle to add a suite of features. With Matrix Custom OS you can select from 4 different custom tunes while the vehicle is running in just seconds. One great use of this is different power levels you can choose based on track or street conditions. Matrix Custom OS also adds user selectable E85 content. If you know the exact content of ethanol in your fuel, hit a button on your steering wheel and your speedometer becomes your E85 gauge. It will display what the current tune is set up for and, with the cruise control buttons, you can adjust it yourself in seconds. Got a fill up of E70? No problem, you can fix it yourself while sitting at the pump with no computer reflash. Matrix Custom OS also features customizable launch control, rolling anti-lag and a host of other features in development.

Matrix Custom OS is currently available for:

2015-2022 Mustang GT
2015-2022 F150
2020-2022 Shelby GT500
2015-2020 Shelby GT350


Through June 30th 2023, Matrix Custom OS will be a flat fee of $599 as an introductory price. After June 30th, $599 will be the base fee and many features included now will be additional. The $599 charge includes initial setup of your Custom OS as well as the additional tuning. For any further updates, you will be subject to a normal tune update fee unless you are a Palm Beach Dyno Premium member which includes free updates while your subscription is active.

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