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Injector Dynamics ID1300x for 2007-20014 Shelby GT500

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Part Number: 1300.48.14.14B.8
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The ID1300x is an all new injector, designed in partnership with Bosch Motorsport. This collaboration has given us the ability to design a high flow injector with characteristics specific to the needs of the motorsport tuner. The ID1300x was designed with alternative fuels in mind and is the only performance injector available with all stainless internals. It is compatible with all known fuels and will stand up to the corrosive nature of alcohol better than any injector on the market.While the ID1300x was designed with an eye towards ethanol fueled engines, we have accounted for the occasional need to convert back to gasoline. The ID1300x has a minimum fuel mass compatible with gasoline use, and will provide exceptional idle and cruise behavior under these conditions. In addition to its multi-fuel capabilities, the compact body of the ID1300x allows fitment in 200+ applications, making it the most versatile injector in our lineup.

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