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CP-E Intercooler Front Mount Delta Core V2 Race EcoBoost 2015-2019

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Part Number: FDCK00005T
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Product Description:

cp-e Race V2 Delta Core Front Mount Intercooler for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 EcoBoost Mustangs.

After rigorous engineering and development, cp-e is proud to release this Race V2 Delta Core Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) for your 2015-2019 EcoBoost Mustang. The renowned company took what worked with its initial FMIC and pushed the envelope even further for the most powerful high horsepower builds. With several sponsored EcoBoost Mustangs outrunning V8s with forced induction at the track, they knew they needed to step up their cooling for high power builds!

Features and Benefits of the cp-e Race V2 Delta Core Front Mount Intercooler (FDCK00005T):
- 21"x17"x3.75" Core Size
- Low Turbulence End Tank Design
- Minimal Pressure Drop
- Maximized Core Design
- Substantially Lower and More Consistent Charge Temps
- Bolt-on Design, No Modification Needed
- Fully Cast End-Tanks

cp-e started off by determining the maximum size core that could fit without irreversible modification to your Mustang. The EcoBoost FMIC uses the bar and plate design to help ensure a high level of efficiency.

cp-e then began designing the perfect EcoBoost FMIC endtanks, developing a design that not only encloses the monstrous core, but also requires no cutting, no drilling and no permanent modification to your S550. With the laser cut brackets, the intercooler mounts in the stock location while matching up to the stock intercooler piping. However, if you are looking to make big power, you can now upgrade the piping when your power demands need it and easily modify this intercooler to accept the larger intercooler piping by utilizing the unique endtank design.

As always, the cp-e intercooler includes cast endtanks which are welded and pressure tested with the core. What sets these endtanks apart from the rest is the engineering behind the shape and internal design. Hours of design and computer flow diagrams have been put into the tanks' design to virtually eliminate turbulence within them. Many times, upgrading an intercooler causes increased turbo-lag, and an overall pressure loss. This is because of the large size of the core and the turbulence within the endtanks. By designing the endtanks to be smaller and more efficient, cp-e has found a way to minimalize turbulence in order to keep the drivability of the Mustang high, while still enlarging the intercooler drastically.

The internal design of the endtanks directs the air to bring the most optimal airflow as well as an even distribution throughout the core. In intercoolers, the back half of the core only does 25% of the cooling. The endtanks have been designed to direct the air properly into the core for the most even cooling, giving your S550 Mustang the most consistent conditions going into the engine.

Please Note: Due to the massive size, this core requires the active grille shutters to be removed. This is completely reversible and does not require permanent modification to your Mustang.

*Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states. It has the potential to violate the Clean Air Act.