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2020 Shelby GT500 nGauge with Platinum Forced Induction PBD Custom Tuning

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Part Number: NGAUGE-PLAT-2020GT500
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Palm Beach Dyno Custom GT500 Tunes are created by our team of tuners, specifically for your car, based on the modifications and fuel you are using. Palm Beach Dyno is not only known for our remote tuning, but we also operate a full-time Dyno Tuning facility that allows us to not only develop these tunes but to continually refine them over time with each car we touch. It's a recipe that cannot be matched by anyone else.

Platinum Level Remote Tuning- This is the perfect choice for the most competitive people out there who are constantly changing things up in search of even the slightest improvement in ET or an extra few MPH at a speed event. Platinum Level Support includes extended phone support 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm Eastern Time. It also includes 7 Remote Trackside Support Sessions. Not only can the Remote Trackside Support Sessions be used to dial in the car initially, they can also be used for a specific event like a drag race or half mile event. Even the most dialed in car needs to be fine tuned for any particular surface. If this is the level of support you are after, then Platinum Level is for you. 

Additional Charges:
$100 - Additional Octane file (ex. Race Gas)

The HP Tuners nGauge Device will be shipped to you blank with instructions. You will need to pull the stock tune off your GT500 and email it to us at [email protected]   Once we receive your stock file, you will receive your modified Palm Beach Dyno custom tune file back via email. Simply load it onto your nGauge and flash your vehicle with the tune. It's as easy as that to add huge power!

The HP Tuners nGauge is a digital gauge that connects to the vehicle's OBD2 port, allowing the user to view live data and reprogram the ECU.

Gauge Functions Images
User configurable digital gauges
Display up to 6 gauges at a time (15 if all screens are used)
Pick from hundreds of OBD2 signals
Record log files to MicroSD Card
Program warning lights
Built in diagnostics
Can datalog 23 PIDS at a time
Optional Tuning Features

Works with HP Tuners VCM Suite
Read and save stock file
Load hundreds of tunes from your MicroSD Card

Hardware Features

nGauge Side
2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD
Resistive touch screen
Touch Stylus included
Micro-SD Card
2 Analog Inputs
6 Programmable LEDs
Chrome bezel
Brushed aluminum overlay
Fits 3 gauge hole sizes
Adapter Ring included
Dual T-Slot for pedestal mounting
Thin design to save space
Auto Sleep/Wake with ignition
RS232 and CAN expansion ports
Support for Zeitronix wideband
Firmware update through USB or MicroSD
2 High Speed CAN Channels
ISO9141 / KWP2000, J1850PWM / J1850VPW

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