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2019 Ford Ranger 2.3L Ecoboost Hp tuner ( Tune only )

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Part Number: PBD-NGAUGE-19RangerECO-2-2
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Unleash the BEAST under the hood of your Ford Ranger with th2.3L Ecoboost Engine! Ford did an incredible job on the reboot of the Ranger,  but much of the potential is locked away in the tune. With the HP Tuners nGauge from Palm Beach Dyno, you can unlock 40+ RWHP and 75+ RWTQ with a simple flash.  And even more with Octane booster!

What's Included:
nGauge + HPT Licensing Credits
3 PBD Custom Ecoboost Tunes
  • Economy Tune
  • 93 Octane Tune
  • Tow Haul Tune

The HP Tuners nGauge Device will be shipped to you blank with instructions. You will need to pull the stock tune off your Ranger and email it to us at [email protected]   Once we receive your stock file, you will receive your modified Palm Beach Dyno custom tune file back via email. Simply load it onto your nGauge and flash your vehicle with the tune. It's as easy as that to add huge power!

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