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2018+ Ford Expedition 3.5L Ecoboost Level 1 Performance Package

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Unleash the BEAST under the hood of your Ford Expedition with the 3.5L Ecoboost Engine with our Palm Beach Dyno Level 1 Performance Package!

Level 1 Performance Package Includes:
Whipple Cold Air Intake 
nGauge + HPT Licensing Credits
3 PBD Custom Ecoboost Tunes
  • Economy Tune
  • 93 Octane Tune
  • Tow Haul Tune

Whipple Cold Air Intake (P/N: EB-8150)
The Whipple high velocity air intake system boast the CAD driven, CFD modeled rotor molded plastic air intake that maximizes air speed while reducing inlet restrictions. The air system features the Black Series HEX filter with the velocity stack on the end. Each filter features extra wide pleats, giving the air filter the capacity to flow over 132% more air than a stock paper filter. The powder coated heat shield helps prevent power robbing heat from entering the intake track. The results, more horsepower and torque, increased throttle response and unique induction noise.

*Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states. It has the potential to violate the Clean Air Act. 

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