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The 6RStager takes industry known 6R80 Transbrake enabling techniques and blends this with the Smooth Stage modulation algorithm to create an all in one staging solution.  The 6RStager will enable the 6R80 Transbrake when positioned into the Pre-Stage beams, so that the power adder of choice can build up boost.  Once the target boost is achieved, the vehicle can slowly roll into the Staging beams without upsetting the suspension by simply holding down the Stage button until the desired distance is achieved. 


  • Designed specifically to enable the Transbrake on 2011-2017 6R80 Transmission. (Replaces and eliminates the need for a dual relay configuration and uses the same wires to interface to the transmission)
  • Safe Transbrake enable feature in which the Transbrake can only be engaged when the foot brake is depressed. (This prevents damage by accidentally hitting the Transbrake button)
  • Uses a modified version of the Smooth Stage’s proprietary modulation scheme designed specifically for the 6R80 for slowly rolling into the Staging beams
  • 12 Force/12 Speed settings to allow for easy adjustability to dial in the desired approach speed while Staging
  • Incorporates the DeeSpeed 2.0 system architecture to prevent the stuck pedal condition for 15-17 model years. (This brake pedal interface has been proven to prevent the Torque Source 14 error. It will also turn the brake lights ON while the Transbrake button is engaged)
  • LED indication of Power, TransBrake and Stage enable

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