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GForce Driveshafts - Aluminum 4 Inch

Your Price: $999.00
Part Number: GForce-309-2
Availability: Made To Order
GForce driveshafts are disguised with the mild manners you'd expect from late-model vehicles, but, in reality, possess the strength to handle high-horsepower, aggressive driving. They are precision-engineered from 6061 T-6 aluminum driveline tubing, and these one-piece, splined, slip-shaft designs feature a tightly fitted splined assembly. This construction lets the shafts plunge in and out, while also giving them the ability to spin vibration-free and with incredible strength. GForce driveshafts do not use CV joints, and the rubber couplers are gone as well, so there's less weight, stress, and reduced loads on your output shaft and seals--plus one less component to wear out and service. All shafts are high-speed balance checked to ensure you get a perfectly balanced driveshaft and to eliminate vibration, noise, and harshness. Equip your ride for super-hero performance on the street, at the strip, or the track with GForce driveshafts.

Will require Derlin or Billet diff bushings and cradle lockouts

Additional features and benefits include:

* Significant weight reduction for reduced rotating mass
* Solid core heavy-duty U-joints front and rear
* CNC-machined billet adapters offer perfect fit and alignment
* Bolt-in installation
* Peak horsepower and torque increase
* Reduced rotating mass
* Increased fuel economy
* Booted splined area for protection from dust and debris
* Hardware included for a trouble-free installation

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