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Palm Beach Dyno is located in Boynton Beach Florida and was founded in 2016 by long time Mustang tuner and racer, Ken Bjonnes.  Since opening, PBD has made it's mark quickly in both Remote Tuning and in person Dyno tuning setting and holding 2 very important records to us, World's quickest 6r80 overall and world's quickest supercharged 6r80. Here is a bit of history leading up to the opening of Palm Beach Dyno.

Early 2003 - Ken Bjonnes starts the website www.modulardepot.com. This website quickly becomes a major resource for people interested in the Modular engine platform, which was in its infancy as far as pushing the limits of performance. At this time, the 2V engine was a popular topic and Ken's own car set many records in naturally aspirated performance.  http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/m5lp-0406-2000-ford-mustang-gt/

Late 2003 - Modular Depot opens as a tuning business and is one of the very first SCT dealers during the initial launch. Modular Depot attains their first NMRA Bowling Green race which set off a streak of 7 years straight of NMRA races.

2004 - Modular Depot is the exclusive dealer and support for SCT Pro Racer package. The Pro Racer package was a key factor in creating not only a network of people that tuned their own cars, but many of these people continued on to open very successful tuning businesses. 

2005 - First NMRA championship as a tuner with multi time champion Shawn Johnson in NMRA Factory Stock

2010 - Left Ohio for South Florida to work in Research and Development for Diablosport

2011 - Founded NMRA Coyote Stock with Steve Gifford and Jesse Kershaw of Ford Racing which set the stage for one of the most successful NMRA heads up classes ever https://frontstreet.media/2016/05/27/has-nmra-coyote-stock-revolutionized-drag-racing-these-racers-think-so/

2012 - Started working for Lund Racing as lead calibrator

2012 - First shots fired in the Twin Turbo Coyote Game.  9.42@150 at NMRA Bradenton and first coyote to break 200 MPH at the Texas Mile  http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/m5lp-1211-2011-ford-mustang-gt-alpha-mile/

2012 - 5.0 Mustangs and Fast Fords King of the Street Winner in the Lund Racing Twin Turbo car - http://www.mustangandfords.com/events/1305-2012-king-of-the-street/

2013 - 5.0 Mustangs and Fast Fords King of the Street Winner in the Lethal Performance 2013 GT500 http://www.mustangandfords.com/events/1405-king-of-the-street-2013-twelve/