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2018+ Billet 132mm Elliptical Throttle Body (2000cfm) Upgrade Kit/Mustang

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With the ever increasing demand for power, Whipple now offers one of the highest quality and highest flowing (2000cfm) fly-by-wire elliptical blade throttle body available today. The elliptical throttle body, dubbed the "Roval" fits the unique supercharger inlet housing for simple bolt-on. Performance gains of nearly 40hp can be achieved on the Whipple Mustang kit with the standard boost levels. With modified motors, power gains of nearly 200hp can be achieved!! 

The Whipple "Roval" uses the factory electric motor and bolts directly to SC inlet. Each throttle body is pre-flowed and set for repeatable idle characteristics and comes complete with the electronics pre-installed.

NOTE: These throttle bodies may require special/custom tuning.  This kit version includes silicone hose & clamp. 

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